Outside of signing your name, do we really need to learn cursive writing? In New Jersey, it is not a state wide requirement to teach cursive anymore; its up the individual school district. Speaking as someone who has terrible handwriting, I'm glad to see cursive go, although I'm glad I can read it.

In a story on Mashable.com, however, several experts argue that teaching cursive does more than just teach a kid how to write: it helps their brain develop, development that apparently doesn't take place when learning keyboarding.

I can vividly remember learning cursive in grade school with a nun hovering around, ruler in hand, ready to pounce on the poor student who made a mistake and administer the sharp rap to the knuckles that must have been taught in nun school. So maybe that colors my view of learning cursive, but I still don't see it as being important to learn.

The Mashable article does point out one piece of good news for the anti-cursive people: a printed name suffices for a signature and always has.