I grew up a television junkie. I used to memorize the TV guide and knew what show was on at what time. I used to fall in love with shows that I would watch for hours while eating my favorite snacks and checking out from the world I lived in to get caught up in the world I wished I lived in, the world where everything works out in the end.

Now I don’t find myself living in that world as much anymore. Now I’m usually online, checking e-mail, facebook, and surfing the web to find the answers to the questions that come up during the day. I find I don’t eat as much when I’m on line since I’m using my fingers on the keyboards and my brain is engaged and not thinking about food. I’ve actually gotten to the point where I can’t watch TV unless I have a snack, even if it’s after Thanksgiving dinner.

There are several reasons why I’m spending more time online than with television. Along with the instant gratification of getting your question answered, communicating with friends, and finding out instantly what’s going on in the world, I don’t trust television the way I used to. I’ve gotten hooked on new shows only to see them disappear in a few weeks. “Life On Mars” is a perfect example. Haven’t seen it? That’s my point. Also in the time it takes to sit through an hour of television, I can accomplish so much more online and feel that sense of accomplishment. How about you?  Please take this poll and let us know..