Fake. Artificial. A tree that comes out of a box. You buy it once and you have it for many many years. I say there's no other way to go.

This subject came up at the end of our show yesterday and opinions and passions were mixed. The more passionate seemed to go for the experience of a real tree. But is it true passion or a bit of closed mindedness? Artificial trees are more realistic than ever before. The days of the green wooden pole showing through the branches, branches you stuck into color coded holes one by one, are a thing of the past. Today's artificial trees are full, beautiful, and lasting. They don't drop needles throughout your home that you keep finding even by Easter. They don't need constant attention and hydration to avoid a fire hazard. They don't leave sap stuck to your hands that no soap known to man easily gets off. They don't need to be loaded on top of your car and tied down by a tree lot worker who couldn't tie his own shoes til two years ago. They don't need to have the 'adjustment cut' to fit properly in the tree stand. Is there a man alive who at one point in setting up the precious real Christmas tree hasn't cursed at least softly under his breath?

Give me a beautiful artificial tree that can do things no real tree can do.