Hard for me to believe that anyone in their right mind would oppose expanding casino gambling outside Atlantic City.

Yet, that’s what a new FDU poll shows in this report!

The results are that N.J. voters, (again, read “voters”) continue to oppose expanding casino gambling beyond Atlantic City.

One wonders why that would be so.

We lose money on a monthly basis to nearby casinos in Pennsylvania and New York, with the added possibility that the newest casino at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens could now be adding table games…further eroding the casino revenue Atlantic City has enjoyed for so long.

A majority of New Jersey's registered voters oppose expanding gambling beyond Atlantic City.

The poll, conducted earlier this month by telephone of 901 registered voters, said 56 percent opposed expanding gambling to other parts of the state. Pollsters said the result was consistent with a poll conducted two years ago by Fairleigh Dickinson, which showed that 49 percent opposed bringing gambling to the Meadowlands race track in contrast to the 42 percent in favor.

The Meadowlands racetrack and other operators are lobbying to bring gambling to their facilities, citing nearby tracks that offer that amenity, including the Yonkers Raceway in New York.

Pollsters also said 49 percent of recipients opposed the use of public money to support businesses in Atlantic City while the rest believed the state should help Atlantic City developers with tax breaks, or said they were unsure.

Revel, Atlantic City's newest casino, is set to receive $261 million in state tax reimbursements over a 20-year period that was approved nearly two years by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

More than two-thirds polled said they had heard very little to nothing about the use of tax breaks to encourage commercial development in Atlantic City.

Maybe it’s what those polled have been smoking on the day the poll was taken.

But were I asked, and I’m fairly certain you might agree, should the possibility of a casino be established at the Meadowlands…you just might answer in the affirmative.

And I right or wrong?