Do you love your job or just put up with it? According to a new survey, not only is a Hilton hotel a great place to stay with very comfortable beds and chocolate chip cookies upon check-in (offered at their DoubleTree Hotels), but its also has the happiest employees.  CareerBliss asked more than 100,000 people about relationships with their bosses, their work-life balance, and it came up with a list of the 50 happiest companies for 2012.  Check out the complete list here.


Where you work and your stress levels can have a big impact on your relationship at home and in other facets of your life, so I believe you have to try your hardest to find not just a job, but a career that you truly enjoy and with people you actually like being around.  Do you love your job? What's the best job you've ever had and why?  Call Michelle now at 1-800-283-1015!!