Am I alone in this? I go back to school shopping and get great stuff for my 6-year old little girl and my 8-year old son. I work hard to find a good variety, careful to make the stuff versatile so a certain shirt could go with a lot of different pants, etc., I do it within budget, and they have enough new, nice things they should feel really good about.

Then they argue with me. Either the boy wants to wear shorts and short sleeves and the girl wants to wear a no sleeves dress on a day when it's a high of 65. Or they want to wear long sleeves fleece and jeans on a day when it's going to be 90. Once that battle is won, he wants to wear the "OTHER khaki pants, the one that has the double belt loop here because after school I can stick my nunchucks through it." (Toy nunchucks, no worries) And she wants to wear the brown shirt with bluejeans and RED socks. "Honey I have brown socks right here that will look much better. See? See how they go together?"

This battle of the clothes has grown to a new level though. Take a look at these shoes in the photo above. It's Jack's sneakers. From last year. They could sort of fit him if he squeezes in, but barely anymore. And look at the ratty toe section falling apart, flaking off like an old man's skin. Probably soon letting in water. He has nice brand new gray Vans with sharp white OR gray laces, fit him perfectly, look great. And what does he fight with me that he wants to wear? Yep. My daughter is doing the same thing. She's wanting to wear her old clothes that are size 5 when she's a 6, nearly a 7 because she's so crazy tall. Don't get me wrong, I win these battles, but I don't want to have them in the first place. I set aside one day a year that they can wear whatever they want. It's called Halloween.

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