You use it everyday. You make calls on it, check your email, maybe do some research on it while your having lunch. A majority of New Jersey residents have cell phone addiction.

"I check my email all the time even when I'm not at work" said Ken from West Windsor.

And he's not alone.

"I always look at my texts and calls, work related or not before work, after work, on my days off, it never ends" said Kelsey from Toms River.

In fact, a majority of shoppers said they feel like they work 365 days a year.

"I need to have my cell phone handy at all times, I feel naked without it" said another man from Brick.

The need for the constant connection varied. Some wanted to give customers at their office a quick response, others said they could get more done during the day if they kept working while out of the office and some just couldn't turn it off.

"It has to be on and with me at all times, work or not" said Jackie from Tuckerton.

Even those that admitted they needed the break wouldn't forfeit the phone.

"It would be nice to throw it under a pillow and forget about it, but then I would get antsy and need to have it" said another woman.