According to an analysis of Twitter posts over the course of a year, workers in New Jersey are not as happy with their jobs as people in most other states.

Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Looking at more than 1.1 million tweets featuring the hashtags #ilovemyjob and #ihatemyjob, the report from Brandwatch and Monster ranked the states by ratio of love versus hate.

New Jersey ranked 45 out of 50. For every four or so posts featuring #ilovemyjob, there was one with #ihatemyjob. The ratio was close to 10-to-1 in Hawaii.

All 10 of the worst ratios were uncovered in states in the eastern half of the country. Half, including New Jersey, were in the Northeast.

Dinah Alobeid of Brandwatch said New Jersey's unfortunate ratio may not be linked to workers' discontent with their actual jobs, but the outside factors that make work much less appealing.

"We have pretty bad weather. We're pretty crowded," Alobeid said. "We have a lot that's not exactly going for us."

The report examined posts between March 2014 and March 2015. Jobs received the most Twitter love in November. Job satisfaction was at its lowest point in July and in the final month.