Lets just say...this car owner and the car are not on the "best terms!"

As we've learned recently in a commercial on New Jersey 101.5...something to the effect: "not all Americans love the car they drive..."

Remember? "Hashtag sarcasm."

Have you had a car that you...hated? For whatever reason.

Maybe the car ended up "nickle and dimeing you to death."

Perhaps, it was old, and no longer reliable...

...or maybe it just wasn't the car you expected it to be.

Do tell!

My "Little Red CRX" back in 1994, wen it was new to me. (Craig Allen archives)

I LOVED my 1988 CRX...I drove it for 292,000 miles. But...by the end, when it would strand me...that love was...severely tested. But, I never took out a can of spray paint...

I await your....um..."Crapbox" stories!

Enjoy "Cars" while you share your story here at nj1015.com!

"Crap Box" in slightly different words...share your stories! (Craig Allen photo)