More and more people are going all out,  according to this article and online survey.  (And take a look at the photo gallery.  It's all just ONE family's house!)  All pray to the Griswold Gods.  I respect the heck out of anyone who does this.  I remember growing up in Rahway there was this modest house right next to a place called Ted's Pizza (which to this day is still one of the finest pizzas offered in New Jersey btw) and for Christmas every year they just went crazy.  I mean seriously, I'm not sure if there was a square foot of empty space anywhere on the entire front of that home.  It was something that I looked for even as a grown up whenever I came back to town.  Electric bills be damned, full speed ahead!  And now they say Halloween is becoming very much the same, with obviously a whole different feel.  You can get all out psycho sick and be regarded as a creative artist.  I like that.  I just have never been that ambitious.  I feel like these folks are much more fun-loving than me.  I like Halloween but I don't like that much work.  When you get homes that actually generate traffic, now you're talking the true heroes.  I almost feel they should get a tax credit against their utility bill come November.