Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is under fire for comments he made claiming 47 per cent of Americans think that they are victims

After we get over the fact that he would actually say that in public regardless of whether or not he felt it, we then ask the question. Is he right? Do you feel like a victim in New Jersey? Do you feel like no matter who gets in power, there’s nothing you can do and you have no say in your future? How many times do you hear the phrase “!@# happens” or “hanging in there?”  What percentage of the people around you are saying it? If it’s almost half of the people you know then Romney may have a point.


Just this week in New Jersey, we find household incomes dropping. Younger homeowners are  stuck underwater in their houses. Things are so bad in New Jersey we even have problems with our water!

Add to that the fact that the average college graduate in New Jersey owes 23,000 in student loan debt, the fight to raise the minimum wage continues and our politicians just can’t seem to get along.  This can all be a drain on a Jersey guy or girl’s confidence.

How do you feel living in New Jersey?  Please take our poll.