Who carries a box cutter with them when they’re driving?

Or for that matter, who carries anything to defend themselves in the possibility of being involved in a road rage incident?

The answer may lie in either how quick you are to anger, or how paranoid you may be that some day you’re going to be involved in one.

Somehow I think that since we live and drive in the most congested state in the country – it’s almost unavoidable – but is it wise to take along some kind of weapon with you?

Consider this out of South Jersey, where one driver was attacked by another with a box cutter.
This happened in Gloucester Township where one man attacked another during a road rage incident using a box cutter.
The victim was approaching the driver with whom he tangled, when the second driver attacked him with his handy-dandy box cutter while seated in his car.

According to this from nj.com:

Police said the incident had actually occurred on Blackwood Clementon Road and Millbridge Road in the roadway, when one male, Carl Costantino, 55, of Berlin, reportedly approached the other driver, who is being identified as Michael Brown, 49, of Pine Hill.

Brown then allegedly swung a box cutter at Costantino from the driver's seat of his vehicle, which cut the victim's left hand.

Both vehicles then pulled over into the nearby Shop Rite, police said. As township police officers were arriving, the vehicle driven by Brown reportedly pulled away and fled from police. A short vehicle pursuit followed and ended with him surrendering to officers at his nearby home in Pine Hill.

Here’s a simple solution to avoiding the situation. Don’t stop for the screwball that wants to get into a fight with you.

You may remember the story of the Jersey City police officer who was charged with murder after allegedly cutting off another driver on a Maryland highway – only to pull over and be confronted by the other driver, according to reports, “in an aggressive manner.”

While the police officer did, reportedly, identify himself as such; even as the other driver kept coming at him – the police officer shot and killed him.

And while the cop has every right to be armed, still, once you introduce weaponry in a road rage incident and stop to either confront or be confronted by the other driver - it never ends well.

Do you carry anything to defend yourself when you drive?