Tunes, a music store in Hoboken says it all.  The store had such a crush of on-line orders it emptied the store of all Whitney Houston products leaving walk-in customers disappointed and empty handed.  Posthumous windfalls often follow a superstar's demise, and Whitney Houston's death is no exception.  One industry expert believes 10 million dollars of digital sales of Whitney Houston music this year alone is well within reason.  Read here why the industry doesn't believe Whitney's afterlife will have the same shelf life as other icons such as Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson.

I've never done this.  Not once did I rush out to buy music of an artist who just died, or even rented a movie of an actor who passed away.  I would imagine most of us don't, but it doesn't take a majority for the music sales to soar. So I'm curious who'll admit to it. Poll below.