A ridiculous exchange happened on-air Thursday between our new morning host and Governor Christie over the middle-of-the-night gas tax for sales tax deal. Lots of name calling on the governor's part and dismissing Bill Spadea as nothing more than a "performer" looking for ratings.

Really Governor?

This from the guy who goes on SNL? The guy who does Dad dances with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show? The guy who pulls doughnuts out of his jacket on the old Letterman? I guess it would take one to know one, huh?

The fact is Bill Spadea is absolutely right in trying to stop the gas tax hike. He was derisively called a fourth grader by our lame duck governor this morning and told he didn't understand math. He was told it will cost most people $100 more in gasoline but put several hundred more than that back in their pockets. So let's get this straight. The money the Transportation Trust Fund needs is in a big pile over in the general funds that NJ can afford to give back and then some to its residents? In other words, let's even say the governor's math DOES makes sense. The money IS there to absorb a 1% reduction in the sales tax. Alright. If that's so, why are we doing any of this? Why aren't we just dedicating that 1% of sales tax to be moved over to the TTF?

It's a rat that I smell a mile away. Many of us in Jersey believe the full rollback to a 6% sales tax is delayed under the bill until Christie is out of office for one reason. It won't ever really happen.

The TTF gets the billions it needs over the next few years, Christie leaves office with a political feather of saying he actually cut taxes, and a likely Democratic next governor then blames the mismanagement of the prior administration as the reason we just can't hold true to this promise and the sales tax returns to 7%. Voila.

So while there's plenty of argument whether this deal will put the average New Jerseyan on just this side or that of the plus or minus line, I believe the real question is will the sales tax reduction ever actually happen. Please answer our poll question and also let your thoughts be known in the comment section.

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