As the dust begins to settle from yesterday's presser, where Governor Christie said he knew nothing of the retribution his office was enacting on the town of Ft. Lee because their mayor wouldn't endorse him for re-election, I wonder who believes him.

I also wonder if this country is doomed now that so many citizens have been brainwashed by their own parties on both sides to begin partisanship-at-any-cost thinking. The mantra of "it's okay to grid lock a city and thousands of innocent people because of Benghazi this and Hillary that" is nothing short of pathetic. Newsflash folks: Neither party has your best interest at heart. That so many have jumped into that game, that mindset, ensures only that this country will never be what it once was.

I also wonder...

Why would a deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, with no direction whatsoever go off entirely on her own to exact this kind of retribution? If people say it makes no sense for the governor to have ordered it, that there was no motive for him to do it, wouldn't there be even LESS motive for HER to?

Why when David Wildstein gets the email directed "time for some traffic problems in Ft. Lee" does he simply respond "got it," and as a political appointee of Gov. Christie's, as a guy he knew all the way back to high school, as a guy he campaigned with for Tom Kean all the way back in the 70's, never think he should maybe pick up the phone to check in with Christie to see if this was okay with him? Especially when he had weeks before the lane closures to do so?

Why does Christie claim on Thursday to have not known a single thing about his administration's involvement in this until 8:45 am/8:50 am Wednesday morning, but then say he's been so upset about it he couldn't sleep for the past two nights? If he didn't know a single thing was wrong, knew absolutely nothing, wouldn't his worry starting Wednesday morning have accounted for only one night? It's the kind of thing if said by a witness on a stand Chris Christie the prosecutor would himself have been all over like white on rice.

Why would a guy who was so good at ferreting out corruption and wrongdoing as a prosecutor make only the most cursory of inquiries of his staff only one hour before holding a press conference in which he denied his office was in any way shape or form involved? Where did those instincts go?

I voted for Chris Christie. I still believe he was a better choice than Barbara Buono. But this stinks to high heaven. While more may never come out, I will never believe these other players all went rogue and did this with no direction.