The University of Alabama has one of the most storied college football traditions in history; and its not ancient history, either, with the Crimson Tide having won the past two national championships. They're really, really good, maybe too good. Their coach, Nick Saban, called out his own school's fans for leaving some recent games early.

Their most recent game, a 52-0 win over Arkansas, was 45-0 going into the fourth quarter; I can't blame anyone for leaving early, you weren't going to miss anything. Coach Saban, however, wanted everyone to stay. He is quoted by as saying, "I've talked about players playing for 60 minutes in the game and about competing for 60 minutes in the game and in some kind of way everyone that chooses to go to the game should stay there and support the team for the game."

When I was younger (late teens and twenties), I would stay until the bitter end, no matter what. Nowadays, there is no way I would have stayed for the fourth quarter of that Alabama/Arkansas game. I will also admit that I have skipped out of a game early to beat traffic. Concerts are particularly ripe for leaving early these days; I just go online ahead of time to see the setlist they're using for the current tour and find out what the final encore will be. When that song starts, I get up and start making my way out, listening to that final song as I make my exit. It routinely saves me 45 minutes of parking lot frustration. How about you, do you always stay til the end?

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