Today, Judi shared that she's always going through phone chargers and batteries because she's always using her phone. Dennis feels that Judi relies on her phone too much and needs to enjoy life without her phone by her side.

Lately, it seems as though people have their phones out all the time, and are missing out on what's happening around them. People can't go on vacation, go out with friends, or perform simple tasks without having their phones out and on. While phones allow us to remain connected to society, and are very useful, is it really necessary to be using them all the time?

Dennis and Judi found a product called the 'AIRE Mask' - a charger that restores battery life into the phone by breathing into it. Have we reached the point where products like this are necessary?

Some callers agreed with Dennis, and thought we are too dependent on our phones. One caller said he got rid of his Smart Phone altogether, and it was the best decision he ever made. Others sided with Judi, and felt that they would be lost without their phones.

What do you think? Do you think we rely on our phones too much? Or is it necessary to have your phone with you at all times?