In the past, when teachers needed to communicate with students and parents outside of the classroom, a note would be sent home, or a phone call would be made. But times are changing, and social media has way for students and teachers to keep in touch.

Flickr User US Department of Education


Many people have found social media, and other forms of electronic communication, to be an efficient way for students to contact teachers outside of the classroom. But, a new law may be put in action that would change this.

A new bill could set standards for electronic communications between students and teachers. If this bill is signed, it would set rules for what teachers are allowed to post on their social media accounts, and would not allow students and teachers to be 'Facebook friends.'

The bill is looking to prevent inappropriate relationships forming between students and teachers. Many argue that they do not need a bill to tell them what is right and wrong communication, and that they can decide this for themselves.

Do you think we need a law that sets standards for online communication between students and teachers, or is this unnecessary?