Again, yes again, the New York Giants blew a double-digit fourth quarter lead to lose the game. This time the Jets beat them in overtime 23-20 after they wasted a 20-10 fourth quarter lead after pretty much keeping the Jets in check most of the day.

This was a Giants team that was playing with emotion and enthusiasm not seen in weeks. They got a 72-yard touchdown catch and run from Odell Beckham Jr, an 80-yard punt return from Dwayne Harris, and a fumble recovery by Jason Pierre Paul.

But what they also got is an interception on 4-2 from the Jets 4 instead of settling for a field goal that would have put them up 23-10. That interception due to the fact that once again Eli Manning and wide receiver Ruben Randle were not on the same page.

That interception is the latest in the many reasons why it’s time for Tom Coughlin to step down as head coach. It was Coughlin’s call and he’s sticking by it. It it’s just another example of bad judgment.

The Giants had the ball for over 9 minutes and in the process lost their starting left tackle Ereck Flowers. This from a line that was already decimated by losing starting guard Geoff Schwartz to a broken leg last week and was playing rookie Bobby Hart. You would have to figure at that point that points were going to be hard to come by. To get three and extend the lead to 13 with little over 8 minutes left would have probably sealed the victory but instead, the interception caused a momentum swing that saw the game slip away.

Last week in a game that could have sealed the division, the Giants said they probably took them the Redskins for granted. Isn’t it up to the coach to make sure that doesn’t happen?

It happens too often with this coach. You never know which Giants team is going to take the field. The one that almost beat the Patriots or the one that was humiliated by the Redskins and didn’t start playing until the 4th quarter.

I don’t know if they’ve stopped listening to Coughlin or he’s just not getting through. But the Giants are at the point where they are losing or blowing the close games that they used to win and it’s been going on for too long. I hate to quote Peter Brady but I think it’s time for a change.

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