Polar Vortex aside, anytime the temperature goes down – working outside can feel like a trip to the third ring of a frigid hell!

I ought to know. I used to deliver Italian bread for my family no matter the weather. My uncle used to tell me all the time that if my feet and legs were cold, no matter what I did to try and stay warm, I’d still feel the cold.

That’s why he always advised me to wear long-johns, which I hated! To me it felt like I was wearing a pajama bottom under my clothes.

But one night while talking to a group of outdoor workers braving the cold, I was told of their novel way to keep their legs warm.

Women’s panty hose.

I know – for a brief second the image of Joe Namath wearing a pair of Haines or whatever he was wearing went through my mind.

And it occurred to me – if that’s what it takes to keep a dude’s legs warm, then why not? After all, who’s going to know, unless you tell other guys – or unless you’re in a locker room disrobing?

But if you’re secure enough in your manhood, you’d be foolish not to even consider it.

The Polar Vortex will cause you to do some strange things to keep warm – but, again, if you’re legs are protected from the cold – what difference does it make what you’re wearing underneath.

It may feel foolish, but if it keeps you warm, then warm trumps foolish anytime.

Or so I think.