They put their words and feelings into their music, but do we really want to hear their opinions while they're performing on stage or in print? I get calls all the time from people who say they love Bruce but don't want to hear him pontificate from the stage. The latest trend is calling for gun control.

Don't the complainers get that it's the artist's opinions (whether you agree with them or not) that make their music what it is? When you buy a ticket to a show, you get whatever the performer decides they want to give you. It's very hard when you feel strongly about something and you have a crowd of worshiping fans in front of you, not to let them know how you feel. Just like you, they have a right to their opinion and you have a right to go or not go to the show.

But how much do you let a celebrity's opinion affect yours? Does your love for the artist pour over into your opinion of an issue? Would you still feel the same way about the song if you disagree with the politics of the artist?

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