Watching the latest song parody from YouTube-famous Holderness Family, got me thinking about how we're all feeling heading intoTurkey Day.

Are you stressing out about just how much talk will still be politics, or are you just numb to it all at this point? Maybe you're welcoming the chance to spark some "discussion" (with possible blow-ups between cousins).

First of all, the Flo Rida parody "Welcome to My Couch" is gold again, from the same folks who brought us "Christmas Jammies" and "All About That Baste."

It's a lighthearted look at trying to stay politics-free for one day. But is that anyone's plan? Maybe you're hoping to keep family occupied with football or a backyard tournament like cornhole or bocce.

Or maybe you've got a crowd that thrives on politics. All I know is a good deal of New Jersey families stress out each November as is, so maybe some extra forethought this contentious year is a good idea.

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