I wanted to celebrate #BlueFriday a little different this week since it is also Veterans Day.

I invited NJSPBA President Patrick Colligan in the studio to discuss some of the difficulties that police officers face on an everyday basis.

One thing that I found most disturbing that Colligan pointed out, that in November alone, in 10 days of the month, nine officers have lost their lives. Gunfire deaths are up 67%. "The gunfire deaths are what's really disturbing," Colligan stated.

Is there a way to resolve it? Can the problem be fixed? "We have officers that are out there everyday doing the right thing everyday. There are 900,000 of us answering these calls everyday and its just a few incidents that have unfortunately affected our profession as profoundly as it has," Colligan noted.

Social media has also played a role in the difficulties that officers face nowadays as traffic stops and arrests get put out on social media without the proper context at times.

You can watch the full interview with Patrick Colligan in the YouTube clip above.

A special thank you to all those military veterans who are now serving as police officers locally here in New Jersey. Thank you for all you do to serve and protect.

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