Distracted driving has become an increasing concern over the past few years here in NJ and across the country. From texting while driving to looking at a GPS, there are many factors that can contribute towards causing harm to yourself or even worse, someone else on the road. We’ve partnered with Plymouth Rock Assurance to bring you some alarming statistics. 

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Before we provide you the statistics, there are three main forms of driving distractions you need to be aware of:

1. Cognitive Distractions: Not paying 100% attention to what’s in front of you while         driving.

2. Manual Distractions: Playing with a radio or other dashboard devices in the car or using a cell phone while driving.

3. Visual Distractions: Eyes not focused on the road, looking out the window or at an electronic device.

A recent study shows some alarming statistics about distracted driving. Here are some of the findings:


  • Nearly three in ten had read or sent a text message (28%) and programmed a GPS (27%).


  • Of those who read or sent a text message over the past six months, 20% admitted to doing so daily and 39% admitted to at least weekly occurrences.


  • 24% have texted with children in the car.


  •  20% personally know someone who has been in an accident that involved the use of a mobile device.


  • 15% have been involved in a near accident either as a passenger or driver in a moving vehicle involving a mobile device.


  • 72% of drivers admitted to eating or drinking while behind the wheel and 49% say they have looked at the map or navigation while driving.


  • Approximately 50% of passengers have asked the driver to stop texting while driving and nearly a third have attempted to alert the driver of another vehicle to stop texting.
  •  48% of parents regret not monitoring their teen drivers after they got their licenses and 69% wish they spent more time practicing driving with their teen in high-risk situations.


Thanks to Plymouth Rock Assurance for providing these statistics that help us realize the dangers of being a distracted driver. If you’d like more information on Plymouth Rock, you can view their website by going to PlymouthRockNJ.com.