The truth is out there — and New Jersey's own Scott Kelly is very literally out there, in space for about 240 days straight during his stay on the International Space Station.

So he had a higher-than-eagle-eye view Sunday and Thursday when he shared photos that captured something ... unidentified.

Wait, what's this all about?

In a photo Sunday, Kelly shows the world stars above the well-lit cities of India:

Then on Thursday, there's a gorgeous sunrise over the Earth.

But in both, something's hanging out in the corner — something hard to make out.

YouTuber sonofmabarker — an account that dubs itself "the leading source for everything related to the strange Baltic Sea Anomaly" (a rock-like formation, discovered in 2011, that some think could be a downed flying saucer) — has an explanation.

"In the upper right of the photo you can clearly see a large object with two lights on each end. It also appears to be very large and constructed."

The "Now You Know" YouTube account calls it a "cigar-shaped UFO." The accounts are among dozens buzzing about the possibilities.

Well, as the meme goes ...

Kelly — born in Orange and raised in West Orange — broke a record previously held by fellow astronaut Mike Fincke, by spending more than 382 days is space. But his trip isn’t over. When all is said and done, Kelly will have logged a total of 522 days in space, making him the longest continuous resident of the International Space Station.

For his part, Kelly hasn't yet Tweeted out anything about the "UFO" seen in either picture. Maybe the aliens who've taken over his body won't let him.