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As a fire continued to rage at a Hillsborough warehouse Friday morning — nearly a day after it began — Hillsborough officials would not elaborate on a report that the company leasing the warehouse had been asked to improve the building's fire system.

NBC 4 New York first reported that the Hillsborough Fire Department had asked Quadro Reality "numerous time" to upgrade its system. It wasn't clear from the report what the upgrades would have involved, or if any of them were code compliance issues.

During a Friday morning phone press conference, Fire Marshall Christopher Weniger would say only: "That information will be coming out in the future. We'll comment on it then."

New Jersey 101.5 was unable to find contact information for Quadro Reality Friday.

More updates from press conferences Friday morning:

• Mayor Frank DelCore said the first indication of the fire was from a water flow activation alarm.

• Power has been restored to all residents in the area, Delcore said.

• The area of Route 206 near the fire was expected to close again on Friday.

• Firefighters remained on the scene of the fire to keep it from spreading. DelCore said the fire was contained to two 240,000 square foot warehouses. The mayor said he was grateful to the "tremendous response" from 30 fire companies from surrounding towns with more than 200 pieces of equipment that hlped the Hillsborough Fire Department keep the fire under control.

• One firefighter suffered a leg injury, he said.

"Obviously the weather is a factor in fighting the fire. Cold temperatures freeze water, freezes apparatus, causes treacherous conditions. The wind has become a problem so it certainly is not helping," Weniger said.

• DelCore said that the warehouses contained paper records, office furniture, foodstuffs and pellets. Hillsboro Health Officer Dr. Glen Belnay said that a mercury stockpile formerly at an at adjacent Defense National Stockpile was not involved. "The mercury on that property was moved about 10 years ago so that is not a factor today," he said.

• Belnay also said that the U.S. EPA positioned six air monitors in the area and that one measured a level of particulates across from the fire "that exceeded the U.S Forest Service guidelines" overnight. But readings from the fire scene have since gone done.

• Firefighters are expected to remain at the scene for much of the day on Friday.

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