I guess it was a little less than a month ago when the Governor was asked about gun control legislation in the wake of the Newtown massacre, his answer was interesting, to say the least.

He didn’t spend much time on it…in fact, hardly any at all, but paraphrasing, said that the issue of gun control has to be part of a larger discussion of violent video games, which he doesn’t allow in his home; and mental health issues, which he feels are still put on the back burner of health problems in this country.

Fair enough.

However now many political figures are coming out in favor of more gun control; yet when asked the same question on the morning talk shows, the Governor gave the same answer he gave on “Ask the Governor.”

Do you feel he was dodging the question, or being straightforward in saying that the country needs to have a broader discussion of the ancillary issues of violent video games and mental health?

According to this, when asked by The Today Show’s Matt Laurer, the Governor gave this answer concerning gun control.

“All you’re focusing on right now is gun control. What about the violence in our video games?” Christie told host Matt Lauer. “The fact is we need to have a conversation about all these things. We have a woman, Matt, in Camden who decapitated her child and then killed herself while high on crack.”

When pressed further by Lauer on why he won’t give a yes or no answer, Christie said “these are complicated issues.”

“The fact is I’m willing to have that conversation, that’s more than a lot of people will say,” he said.

Christie also dodged the question on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” where the governor answered questions from George Stephanopoulos on the prospects of a Chris Christie vs. Hillary Clinton presidential race in 2016, whether he supported a national assault weapons ban and the divisive politics in Washington.

But was it truly a dodge, or was it an honest answer?

Fact it, a good many politicians give the kneejerk answer that there needs to be a national ban on assault rifles.

The Governor instead wanted to focus on what he feels are the broader issues of mental health and violent video games.

I don’t doubt he’s concerned about the larger issues…but if it looks like a duck…blah, blah, blah.

Sounded like he was doing some fancy dancing to me.

Do you feel Governor Christie dodged the questions about gun control on this mornings’ talk shows?