For 'Family Guy' fans, it doesn't get much bigger than this: a major character has been killed off. At least it seems that way; Brian, the Griffins' talking dog, got hit by a car in last night's episode and wound dying because of it.

The question now is whether or not he is gone for good. On the one hand, I think he's really dead because there had been a rumor that a member of the Griffin family was going to die this season. On the other hand, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane has said that Brian (who he voices) is the character closest to McFarlane's own personality. Brian has also often been the conscience of the show as well as being an unabashed liberal. His friendship with Stewie (the best character on TV) has been a strong point for the show.

Then again, maybe McFarlane decided there was nothing more to do with Brian and it was time for fresh blood, although I'm not sure a stereotypical Italian-American was the best way to go. In any case, it has people talking about the show which I'm sure is what they wanted all along.