The gossip website published a very incriminating piece of evidence against hotshot New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Look:

It appears the quarterback is a very bad tipper. But, as reported later, it turns out the receipt is from a fast food restaurant. Which begs the question – should you tip at fast food restaurants?

Some people are actually saying yes. (Both of the guys have reached a conclusive opinion: Of course you don't tip for takeout!)

But why would anyone say yes?

"I used to bartend in a chain restaurant," said Mike from East Brunswick. He said the number of responsibilities, including bringing the order out to a car and prepping the order – takes a huge amount of time. At least as much as a regular wait service order.

"I would be fine with three dollars," he said. "Just a little bit."

Nancy from Randolph says it's an issue of etiquette. "Tipping on takeout on 10 percent is customary," Nancy said. "I'm shocked that you guys don't know that."