In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there’s been plenty of criticism leveled at Governor Christie, although not necessarily by New Jerseyans; but by backers of former Governor Mitt Romney for what they term our Governor’s “fawning praise” of President Obama following the storm.

What’s one to do?

Would those critics who are now, in some quarters, blaming the Governor for Romney’s loss, have not had him greet the President?

Would they have had him temper his praise of how the President handled the crisis?
I guess that’s what they would have liked.

So I have to wonder, since the Governor has been praised for his candor, would you not expect him to be consistent and call it like he sees it?

That’s what real leaders do.

Say what they think, and let the chips fall where they may.

As Gov. Chris Christie gets ready today to meet with Republican governors in Las Vegas, he continued to deflect criticism of his praise for President Obama in the aftermath of Sandy and coinciding with the election.

“I understand that everything’s political,” Christie said. “But the fact of the matter is when we have people dying and suffering in our state it’s not about politics.”

Obama called him every day from the day before Sandy struck through this past weekend and the governor said the attention helped New Jersey in tangible ways.
“The fuel situation in New Jersey was much better than in our neighboring states in large measure because of the aggressive maneuvers that the president instituted with us.”

Christie said he visited 18 states and raised $20 million for Mitt Romney and had planned to visit Nevada, Ohio, New Hampshire and Virginia on his behalf.

“….I couldn’t because of my responsibilities as governor which I think everybody understands,” he said. “So I would have much rather been doing that than dealing with people dying and losing their homes in our state.”

Before and after the election, a chorus of unnamed Romney advisers and some conservative commentators have slammed Christie as a traitor whose bipartisanship helped Obama win a second term. One source told The Washington Post, the governor cost Romney 5 percentage points. Christie said he read that someone disapproved of his introduction of Obama after their tour of Brigantine.

“The way I was raised by my parents, whether you agree with the President of the United States or not," he said, "he’s the President of the Untied States and it is an honor to introduce him.”

Again, we elected him, among other reasons, because of his style….his candor.

These are traits that should cull admiration from an electorate that’s grown weary of politicians who tailor their remarks to the situation.

From an electorate, yes, but from political hacks...not so much

As he's told us on many an occasion, paraphrasing, "what you see is what you get!"