Perhaps he knew this was a fight he could not win.

It was a rare laxidasical Christopher J. Christie who delivered his third budget to the legislature on Tuesday.

Governor Christie strode into the Assembly Chamber, looking upbeat and confident. But he must have known the speech he was about to give would fall mostly on deaf ears.

At times he rushed through his prepared remarks. He was far less animated than usual. At times he even looked bored.

He was outlining a proposal for more state aid to education, much needed help for parents of disabled children, he would make making the largest pension payment in state history. Christie proposed a broad income tax cut for everyone, additional tax relief for the poor.

Democrats had already closed their minds to most those ideas, and were already rehearsing their attacks. As the speech came to a close, Christie left the chamber without much fanfare. Senate President Sweeney and Speaker Oliver rushed to the microphones to tear the governor's proposal apart.

Such is the politics of the process.  It's another reason most voters can't be bothered.