On tonight's Late Show:

Now that jurors got the case of Dharun Ravi and have failed to reach a verdict on the first day of deliberations….do you think he beats the bias intimidation charges? If the jury is asking the judge in the case to explain what the charge entails, it just might be that he beats the most serious of the charges against him. How do you feel about that?

The death of the Lakewood toddler found in a faulty septic system is raising awareness of older systems when it should be raising awareness of kids playing outside unsupervised. At what age do you let your kids play outside?

A jury rules that the guy who claimed he bought his own lotto ticket and won 38 and a half million even though he used to buy tickets for his co workers has to fork over 20 million of it.

Do you feel sorry for this guy that he lost the judgement?...and do you think these guys are ever gonna see that money?

The other part of this is whether or not you'd ever take part in a lottery pool. I say, "frig that!"

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