There's nothing like watching other people being scared out of their skin to give you a good laugh for the day. This video of a devil baby scaring innocent people along the streets of NEw York City will do just that.  The guys who created this are geniuses as they went through the trouble of a creating a remote-controlled baby carriage that they'd roll around random places in Manhattan. The fun didn't stop there as the creators placed a doll of a possessed baby in the carriage.

The carriage would be stationed somewhere in Manhattan by itself. All of a sudden sound effects of a baby crying could be heard from inside the carriage. As a concerned person would walk up to check on the crying baby, this devil baby would pop up and scare the daylights out of them.

The stunt was done in conjunction with a promotion for the new movie "Devil's Due."

The reactions of the people that get pranked in the video are absolutely classic. You can see their reactions in the video below.