The weekend forecast worked out reasonably well with a few exceptions.

There were a few scattered showers Sunday, which I didn't predict.  And also, temperatures only reached the mid to upper 60s Sunday, instead of the low 70s.  So, it was a little cooler than it should be.

The normal high is 72-73.  We were certainly every bit of five or six degrees below that.

Temperatures today should be near normal in the lower 70s.  We start off with sunshine, then we have some developing cumulus clouds during the late morning and afternoon.  That could lead to an afternoon or evening shower chance.

One of the models is a lot more bullish on that idea than the other.

Then, we get some partial clearing and cool weather overnight.

Another day tomorrow that starts with sunshine and then some developing clouds.  It remains to be seen whether we have a shower tomorrow or not.  I don't think so.

Wednesday looks on the wet side with winds off the ocean.  Temperatures could be in the 70s.  We'll have the likelihood of showers or some drizzle for Wednesday.