Nothing hurts a sports fan more than to have his favorite player leave his favorite team, especially if his team doesn’t have much hope in the first place. Case in point, a fan at Metlife Stadium who was so disappointed at Jets favorite Darrelle Revis trade to Tampa Bay, that he voiced his displeasure by changing the Revis name on the back of his jersey to read “RE Fund,” as pictured below.


It doesn’t matter that the Jets won the game 37-13. It was only pre-season. What does matter is that Revis, who is working back from last year's season-ending knee injury, should be set for Tampa Bay's Week 1 game at the Jets. How many Revis jerseys do you think we’ll see in the stands on that day? I think Jerry Seinfeld said it best when he said the following:


Who was the player that you most hated to see leave your favorite team?