According to a report by our own Jen Ursillo, the number of people getting their GED in New Jersey has dropped by almost half in the last seven years.

We asked people to call in who've gotten their GED. We both agreed, Judi and I would rather spend the day with someone who has their GED than a person with a Phd.

They've probably got better stories to tell and a more colorful personality. Maybe even more successful. It's almost a mark of shame for some to admit they have it, but in many cases it's a catalyst to make something of themselves. We heard from plenty of people who went on to become:

  • An electrician who's built a successful career at 29 years old.
  • A graphic designer for over 40 years
  • A very successful general contractor
  • A NYC bus driver making six figures
  • A teacher with a Master's Degree.

And my personal favorite,

  • A published author with over 40 published books! Her name is Courtney Bush and I think you should check out her website. She has many great offerings, but this one may be my favorite!
(C.L. Bush via Amazon)

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