Dennis mentioned that he is attending two weddings this summer that both happen to be of he and Judi's former producers and call screeners Steve Trotte and Scott Taylor.

Steve Trotte and fiancee Samantha (Facebook)

Steve's marriage has its beginnings with the show. During the Diner Tour a few years ago, Judi invited single listeners to stop by to be part of the "Hottie For Trotte" campaign in an effort to find Steve a girlfriend.

One listener who took Judi up on her offer was Samantha and her mother who came to meet Steve at the Americaca Diner in East Windsor. After dating for a few years, Steve popped the question and the rest is history.

Judi's also attempted to fix Dennis up with Samantha's mother.

Unfortunately Steve's fiancee was relocated to Maryland when Fort Monmouth closed and the couple moved.


Scott Taylor and fiancee Shazmin (Facebook)

Steve's successor was Scott Taylor who was dating Shazmin. She also became part of the show as Judi described her as a very attractive black woman and dating a goofy white guy.

Scott left the show in 2012 after finding another job a bit closer to his north Jersey home.