Dennis and Dena Blizzard (filling in for Judi Franco) were discussing the complaints raised in Shamong over an education board member who took verbal jabs at teachers and endorsed the use of physical force by students to deal with bullies.

Dena Blizzard/NJ1015

Dennis applauded Greg Vitigliano, who spoke his mind on teachers and on how students should protect themselves from bullies. Dennis has been saying the same things on air that Vitigliano got in trouble for.

Dennis called Vitigliano off air for a minute to thank him for his honesty and for speaking his mind. It seems that Vitagliano's comments, while ripped by the Board of Education members, are what some  school districts may need more if, which is pure honesty.

Do you have a problem with someone speaking their mind about teachers and or/ their feelings on bullying and other school issues? Do you think NJ needs more honesty, such as what Vitagliano posted about on Facebook? Share your comments below.