Today is National Eat A Hoagie Day! And I will. Not a sub, a hoagie.

Now both are good. And we've covered this before, the northern part of the state calling it a sub and the southern part calling it a hoagie.

Right about where the two meet, Surf City on LBI, is a place looking to please everyone called Subboagies. But I digress.

Today we are here to discuss the subtle differences between subs and hoagies. I'd say they're like twin sisters. They look pretty much the same but one sticks to her principles and the other will let you put anything inside it.

A hoagie is on a harder roll and is opened up on one end and you insert the classic ingredients. Italian cold cuts, lettuce, tomato and onion with spices and oil and vinegar.

With the twin sister, the sub however, anything goes in there. You got your Italian sub sure, but there's also the tuna sub, turkey sub, roast beef sub, etc. That doesn't happen with a hoagie. Oh you can call it a tuna hoagie or all the others, but now you're keeping company with the loose sister, THE SUB.

Don't get me wrong, I like both sister a lot, but don't confuse the two. Like whenever you confuse any twins, it can be troublesome.

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