I'm not saying it happens all the time or that a majority of cops would do that, but I'm not surprised. They're mostly men and they have power that they've never had before and that very few of us ever will have.

First let me say that it's absolutely wrong and if true this New Jersey State Trooper, who has been suspended without pay, should not be a cop. That's abuse of authority and he should be punished.

He also faces jail time. I don't think that's warranted here, but if true, he's demonstrated that he's not the kind of guy you want serving and protecting the public. He's said to have targeted women between 20 and 35 years old and covered up some of the info on the car stops. Again, there's no defense for his alleged actions, but there's a little part of me that says, "should women who use their feminine wiles have their license suspended for flirting with a cop to get out of a ticket"?

I don't have that card to play when I get pulled over. Crying won't work for me either. Also the dynamic doesn't work for men, if the officer happens to be a female. Women aren't as weak as men when it comes to a little skin or flirtatious smile. Other factors including sheer numbers make it a moot point.

It just makes me wonder, since I'm excluded from playing that game, if there is as much outrage when women use their "powers" to get out of a ticket that men would have no chance of avoiding.

Bottom line, if the cop did what he's been accused of, he should be punished and possibly dismissed. Jail time is excessive. But if I could be an attractive woman between 20 and 35 for a week, I'd be getting away with.....well, everything I could!

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