Poor Billy Bush. He was on the precipice of greatness in his television career having just landed one of the best jobs in TV, co-hosting the third hour of the Today show.

He only had the job a few weeks when the Donald Trump audio surfaced in which The Donald said crude sexual things to Billy while they were on a bus 11 years ago while poor Billy was working for Access Hollywood. He didn't know the mic's were hot and it was being recorded! Well NBC suspends him and 5 days later they decide to cut him loose permanently. Talk about collateral damage!

So maybe Billy can now go and work on his cousin George W. Bush's ranch down in Crawford Texas. Yes, they're first cousins. I'm sure W can find him some chores like mending fences or some such thing. When Judi and I are out at live events people come up to us all the time when we know we're not on the air but the mics might be picking up the conversation and I never know when it's being recorded.

Some people say strange things, so if I ignore you or scold you for being a mutt and a pig and a jerk and tell you I'd like to punch you in the face alla Robert DeNiro, don't be put off.

I'm just protecting my job!

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