Think you have an odd hobby? Dennis and Judi's listeners may give you a run for their money.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Judi found a hysterical list of the top 10 strangest hobbies that people have. Some of the hobbies on the list included but was not limited to, "Competitive Dog Grooming," "Soap Carving," and the fine art of "Hikaru Dorodango" otherwise known as "polishing dirt."

While that article set the bar pretty high for our listeners, we decided to ask what our listener hobbies were anyhow.

Here are some of the hobbies Dennis & Judi's listeners have said that they enjoy taking part in on their spare time:

- Collecting Yugioh cards

- Civil War reenactment

- Wine collecting

- Stamp collecting

- Foreign money collecting

- Geocaching

- Bmx bike collecting and racing

- Model trains

- Parkour

- Bird Hunting

- Skateboarding

What are your favorite hobbies? Keep the list going by commenting below