Assemblyman John Wisniewski made headlines today regarding a new law he is co-sponsoring that would making texting while your vehicle is completely stopped illegal. Judi Franco believes this is the dumbest law he's come up with.

On this episode of 'Just One More Thing', Judi Franco goes on record to say that we already have plenty of distracted driving laws in New Jersey. In order to prove her point that texting at a red light is far less distracting than anything else, she uses a fairly vivid example involving her nose and her finger.

As this subject was discussed on-air today, Bob from Atco called in to share why he felt the law would be a good idea. Dennis & Judi put him on blast when he explained his reason, which was that he has to constantly honk his horn when the light turns green.

Check out why Judi Franco has had enough with distracted driving laws in New Jersey in the clip above, as well as their conversation with Bob from Atco in the clip below.

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