For those of us lucky enough to live along the northeast coast of the United States and in New Jersey in particular, one simple pleasure comes twice a year......Striper fishing!  I know, if you don't fish or have never caught a striped bass(Morone saxatilis), this might seem stupid, pointless, redneck, pedestrian, blah, blah, blah.   However, if you have ever had the joy of tracking down, finding and reeling one in.....the feeling is pure joy.  It is one of the best "sport fish" available just about anywhere along our coast in many back backs, rivers and some streams. 

I went with my friend Tony and another one of his friends on his boat today out of Barnegat Light at the northern end of Long Beach Island.  It is and isolated village with minimal year round population and beautiful views and access to the Barnegat Bay, inlet and Atlantic Ocean. 

A native and commercial fisherman once described the place to me as "A drinkin town with a fishin problem".  I like it there any time of the year, but in the fall when the stripers start biting, there's a special feeling in the crisp salt air that....well you just gotta be there to get it.  Today there wasn't a cloud in the sky, there was a slight northeast breeze on the bay, the air temp was about 55 degrees, the tide was just starting to go out....and they bit!   Each year that I'm there in the fall, whether we catch em or not(and we usually do) I just can't help feeling lucky that I've made it through another year to be fortunate enough to do this again.  So I got my limit (2)

and I got to trade stories and break balls with two buddies on a boat after work in a beautiful little corner of our state and I thought I'd share it with you.  I don't know when I'll get out there again, hopefully this weekend, but I wish for you the same satisfaction I experienced today in whatever it is you happen to enjoy!  

What are the simple pleasures that you enjoy doing? You can comment below.