Are there just some things you look at on a daily basis and you can't for the life of you understand why they're a 'thing?' Well Dennis and Michele Pilenza (filling in for Judi) decided to ask the listeners one simple question: "What's Up with ________?"


Dennis lead the discussion off by saying he wanted to know "what's with" people that have vanity and specialty plates and how is that still a thing anymore?

Michele then followed it up by asking "what's with" people saying "Get me a cup of coffee," as it seems no one knows how to properly ask for things anymore.

The listeners chimed in with some questions of their own, here's the list:

Mike in Scotch Plains - "What's with neighbors refusing to park their cars in their driveways?"

Mike in Toms River - "What's with South Jersey people driving with testicles on the back of their pickups."

Robert in Princeton - "What's with people driving with their high beams on?"

Lynn in Jacobstown - "What's with people who pull up together to talk to each other in separate cars and block 2 lanes of traffic?"

Noemi in Metuchen - "What's with people who take selfies with sunglasses on?"

John on the Parkway - "What's with people who sit right in front of you at the movies yet there's plenty of space everywhere else?"

Rob in Wall - "What's with people who go into WaWa while they get gas and make you wait for them to come out so you can pull up to the pump?"

John in Matawan - "What's with people who open convertibles as soon as it hits 50 degrees out, yet leave the windows up?"

Adam in Newark - "What's with people introducing themselves on air after Dennis and Judi already announce their names?"