Dennis and Judi have been speaking about this on the air (12/5) for the last two days and they need your help!

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Steve Lepper, a member of the Long Branch Fire Department's Branchport House Company # 3 reached out to us to ask if there was anything we can do to help them after their firehouse was badly damaged during Superstorm Sandy. According to Steve, the insurance company has notified them that due to an "accounting error" there was no coverage and therefore, the firehouse cannot be helped.

This has been a volunteer fire company that has dated back to 1905 and during Hurricane Sandy the LBFD answered over 500 calls.

We have been getting an overwhelming response from our listeners to help the fire company. If you would like to help, email Steve directly at the following address: or by phone at (845) 674-6376.


Thanks to everyone for their assistance in advance.

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