Dennis and Judi wrapped up the day with the never-ending argument over the differences between North and South Jersey.

Photo by Taller de Imagen (TDI)/Cover/Getty Images)


The whole debate started from Dennis and Judi discussing how Judi has her lawn mowed while Dennis on the other hand, enjoys mowing his own lawn, as does the majority of people in his neighborhood. Judi brought up that mowing your lawn is a major difference between people in North and South Jersey, as the majority of the homes around Judi don't cut their own laws.

So Dennis and Judi petitioned the listeners to give them ideas of what they think the major differences are between North and South Jersey. Here's the list according to Dennis and Judi's listeners:

  • Italian Ice/ Water Ice
  • Hero/ Hoagie
  • Where do the better tomatoes?
  • Sports teams
  • Different Dialects
  • Bagels or "Beggels"
  • Gravy / Sauce
  • Crayons or "Crowns"
  • Taylor Ham / Pork Roll
  • Sprinkles / Jimmies
  • No one south of Trenton uses a real estate lawyer.