If you're a frequent listener to the Dennis and Judi program, you know how much they love talking about "As Seen on TV" products. One stalker listener named Marie, not only brought them both one of the 'As Seen on TV" products but they also gave Dennis and Judi a tutorial on it as well.

Chris Swendeman/NJ1015

Check out the footage from the Diner Tour at the Red Oak Diner in Hazlet where Dennis and Judi discuss the product that they both got as a gift, then were taught how to use it by Marie. These videos below just go to show you never know what you will experience at one of the diner tours.

The product is called the Vegetti, a tool that boasts that it turns healthy vegetables into spaghetti.

Here are Dennis and Judi discussing the back story of how they wound up both receiving Vegettis


Below is the demonstration Marie gave at the diner on how to use the Vegetti


What "As Seen on TV" products have you used that actually work? Leave your comments below.