Dennis just got back from vacationing in Italy, and was discussing some fashion blunders he saw while he was away.

Judi mentioned that she heard a series of fashion age limits on the news this morning, such as: 'no baseball caps after age 25,' 'no bikinis after age 48,' and 'no piercings after age 29.' Dennis agreed, and added that young women after age 16 should no longer wear shorts or pants with writing on the backside. They asked callers to share their fashion rules. Here's what they came up with:

Alex from Cherry Hill:

No belly button rings after age 23.

Buddha from Freehold:

If you're overweight, you should not wear camouflage.

Steve from Highland Park:

There should be a weight limit for people who want to wear spandex.

Denice from South River:

Bedroom slippers are not shoes.

Barry from Somerset:

No bikinis for pregnant women.

Sondra from Somerset:

Always wear age appropriate clothing.

Paul from Bedminster:

Grown men should not be wearing High School Sports Jackets.

Mrs. Shmegman from Metuchen:

Just becomes it comes in your size doesn't mean you have to buy it.

What are some of your fashion do's and dont's? Share them in the comment section below.