Here is this week’s battle of the Dennis and Judi cuties! Each week we will feature two Dennis and Judi cuties and you will determine the winner! This week features Christa from Jackson versus Story from Long Valley. Vote for who you think should be the Dennis and Judi cutie of the week.

First up is Christa from Jackson:

Christa is a 44 year old Stay at home mom, she has 2 kids ,one girl, 12 years old, and one boy 10 years old, and 2 dogs, and 2 cats which she cares for all of them. Her hobbies are Drag racing (yes she drives a race car) Bass fishing,Camping, and COOKING. Believe it or not, Christa does not like shopping, every thing she does in live is for her family, her priority in life is to make sure her family is first and taken care of, and she is second. If she were to go shopping it's not for her, its for her husband and kids.

Next up is Story from Yardville:

I'm an interior designer, wife to a special ed art teacher and sculptor, and mother to a 9 month old rainbow baby. My time is mainly spent hiking, reading, writing, cooking, and doing pottery. We own a 220 year old house that backs up to Crosswicks Creek, and two Boston terriers. My husband and I go gem and shark tooth hunting regularly, and we also collect antique bottles that we find on kayaking trips.

Make sure to vote before 10 a.m. FRIDAY 4/13!

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